DIY Meal Planning

I’m not sure I told you all but I was vegan for one year in high school. That year I lived off of Oreo cookies and popcorn🍿 Ya, I got real sick. Stare-Left When I became vegan again about a year ago, I wanted to do it the right way this time.

Even as vegetarian, (pre-Bastyr) I didn’t, in my humble opinion, do it “right”. I ate a lot of fake meat products and, overall, fake food! Bleh. I told Phil that if I was going to go vegan we weren’t going to be eating a lot of “Boca Burgers”🍔 or “Chick’n”; that I wanted to focus on REAL whole foods. And for the first time in my entire life, my partner was actually excited about my food ideals.

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I’m Alivveeee

Wow. I know it’s been over three years since I wrote last but I just now suddenly feel like there is this hole missing in my life; A hole shaped like creativity and vulnerability. A hole where I want to share myself with complete strangers and let us develop connections. So, here I am.

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Each time I lose another friend to death, I am still taken back by how fleeting life is. I’m still brought to my knees in tears, wishing I had made more time for them. Wishing that they were just here again.  I feel too young to be mourning a loved one every year.

On January 16th my sweet friend and co-worker, Aireen, was killed in a car accident early in the morning while on her way to work at Starbucks. We used to joke about what bad female Asian drivers we were. Now I take it seriously and am really working on becoming a better driver.

Kwong, me, and Aireen


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Holiday Update

Well now that you guys know what I’ve been doing with my heart I’m gonna tell you what I’ve done with the rest of me! Surprisingly, the rest is going really well!


I got a new job(!) and one that I actually consider a career. I now work as an optical technician in Redmond. I do the pretesting before patients see the doctor. I love it. I love interacting with patients and I love that I’m on Microsoft campus where all the geeks live!

I never expected the optical field to be where I ended up, but it is healthcare and that’s what I’m passionate about. The blood bank never got back to me and unfortunately this pays better anyway. Would I still someday love to work in a blood lab, wearing a white lab coat? Hell yes. But I’m being more realistic on what my options are without going back to school

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Putting it Out There


So it’s clearly been awhile since my last post. I won’t be dishonest, I went though a rough patch there. No definitely nothing like when my friend, Aaron, died, but I didn’t feel like me. In fact, I knew I wasn’t living the way I choose and strive to live, and that scared me.

I suppose I’ve always been completely authentic here so I’ll just go ahead and say it had to do with the guy I had been seeing for three months. The one who helped me come to terms with Aaron being gone; the one who made me realize how detrimental my over-worrying was and fueled my drive to work on it; the one I’d been more sure about than anyone else in my life. It didn’t work out. I’m letting it be the past and don’t want to go into it but I’ll just say some people are just not ready to be better than they have been

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Toxic Friendships


On nights I can’t sleep, too many thoughts circling inside my head, it helps to write. Tonight I wanted to talk about toxic friendships. Luckily, I can say I can count the number of toxic friendships on one hand, but honestly that might be due to being a recluse for many years and not having many friends at all.

My first toxic friend I met around 11 years old. Karen (name changed) was a fellow Xena lover and around my age. We met online through the fandom and talked everyday. Karen had a lot of emotional issues such as manic depression and a bunch of other mental/emotional disorders. I never knew which Karen I was going to be talking to that day. Would she be at a high or a low?

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The Littler Things

I’ve had a lot of intense posts lately. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback that people appreciate this vulnerability and, I must say, thank you for letting me know. Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment or shot me an email even if it’s just to say “I liked that”. ^.~

But you know what? We can’t talk about deep and emotional things all the time! That’s definitely something I’m trying to learn. Being too intense all the time can scare people away. We need fun too!

SO what do I want to share in this post…how about just what’s going on in my life! I’m going to do this series of “The Littler Things” just to update you on what’s going on in my day to day every once in awhile.

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Letting Go of Worry


All my life I’ve been a worrier. Worrying about everything from big to small. Will there be something to eat? Will I make it on time? Will I be too early? Will anyone sit by me? Will he be okay without me? Am I making the right choice? Am I making the wrong choice? Soo many worries. All. The. Time.

As early as 8 years old I remember worrying soo intensely, after seeing the movie Twister, that a tornado was going to come for me that I sat out all day long on the front porch, bags packed, cat in hand, waiting for the inevitable to occur. I lived in a valley in Western Montana. There was never going to be a tornado anywhere but in my head.

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I’ve Been Hiding This

photo 1 (1)-2 Ever since I was turned 13 years old I’ve been a vegetarian. Of course the big question always posed to me was “Why”? I’ve never been morally opposed to the eating of meat. I grew up a hunter and understand the important role it plays in wildlife conservation. So why did I stop eating meat? My big answer was mostly that I didn’t like the texture. I really am a hugely texture oriented person, but this was still not the reason.

It all started when my best friend and soul mate almost died. Her name was Cora and she lived in Austria and was in a horrific car accident with her boyfriend. Cora was in a coma for what felt like weeks but was probably just days. I was devastated. All I could do was cry around the house and stare at the ceiling. I vowed that if she couldn’t eat, neither would I. And that’s where it all began. I barely ate for a week.

My best friend did wake up. She woke up and for one day everything was right with the world again. Just one day. Before I could blink her boyfriend dropped dead from internal bleeding. He had been so kind and caring. He’d taken my emails and sat them by her bedside every day. All he’d done was care for her…and then he died.

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